Security of Information Systems

Case study (deadline 9/11/2011):

Study Conflicker, try to classify the malware, identify its life phases and techniques (according to classification given during the presentation Virus), and the countermeasures proposed by industry and researchers.

Presentation (deadline 14/11/2011):

You can find the presentation topics as well as requirements here. The document is being updated regularly, I put there some tips concerning your presentations and common mistakes. Please choose a presentation and inform me by sending an email to maciej.korczynski at You can eventually propose some other topic to study. Also, send me an email if you have any doubts regarding the presentation. Please note that the deadline is approaching!

Preparation for the exam:

The exam will cover all topics from the lectures, exercises (given always at the end of the lecture) and case study. To simplify your preparation to the exam please take a look at the example of the exam here. During the exam you will not be allowed to have any additional materials. If you have any questions related to the lectures, exam, or justification of your marks (including your presentations) please write me an email (maciej.korczynski{at} You can also come to my office for individual consultations.